Will massage hurt?

Massage doesn't have to hurt to work. Communicating with your therapist about the level of pressure is important and each therapist is different. Before your session begins, you will fill out a client intake form and discuss your health history, questions and concerns. Also, be sure to let your therapist know if anything isn't feeling comfortable; pressure, temperature, music, lighting, etc.

How much of my clothing do I remove?

Massage can be done through any layer of clothing. Disrobe to your level of comfort only. Professional draping is practiced and a client will never be exposed.

What can I expect during my session?

A client can expect to be honored, nurtured, respected and listened to.

What can I expect after my session?

Drinking plenty of water after a session is suggested. If lactic acid is released into the body from the massage, a head ache and flu like symptoms may be present. Flushing the body with water is helpful in releasing toxins.

What do I need to do before my session?

Treat the session similar to a light workout. A heavy meal is not ideal.

How often do I need to come?

Each client is different and the needs vary. This can be discussed with your therapist.